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BCCO 2020 Junior Canadian Chemistry Olympiad


Canadian Chemistry Contest Part A ONLY (2020)

Canadian Chemistry Olympiad National Selection Exam (CCO 2020)

BCCO past exams will be posted here in the future. In the meantime past CCC examinations are a good source of practice problems for the BCCO.

BCCO 2021

BCCO 2019

CCC 2021

CCC 2019

CCC 2018

CCC 2017

CCC 2016

CCC 2015

CCC 2014

BCCO Datasheet


The Periodic Table/Data Sheet may be used for all parts of the contest, and non-programmable calculators are allowed.

Write your answers on the back side of the Answer Sheet provided. Do not forget to write your name and your school name on the front of the Answer Sheet. While students are expected to attempt all questions for a complete examination in 1.5 hours, it is recognized that backgrounds will vary and students will not be eliminated from further competitions because they have missed parts of the paper.


Problem sets and other resources TBD.

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