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BCCO 2024 Competition
27th May 2024



*To register their school to the contest teachers should email the BCCO Coordinator, Dr. Guillaume Bussiere (, and give their name, school address and how many exam copies are needed.

The British Columbia Chemistry Olympiad (BCCO) is a junior Canadian Chemistry Olympiad contest. BCCO is an annual event that aims at preparing 10th and 11th-grade high school students to participate in the Canadian Chemistry Contest (CCC) and in The Canadian Chemistry Olympiads (CCO). Our goal is to promote interest in chemistry amongst younger high school students.


Each year in British Columbia, 10th and 11th grade High School students interested in chemistry can write the BCCO contest. The contest is a 90 minutes, 25 multiple choice questions chemistry quiz. The topics covered in the contest are the 11th-grade high school chemistry curriculum and beyond. At least twenty certificates are awarded to the top-performing students across British Columbia. The best performing students in the contest and our benefactors will be invited to the annual Provincial Chemistry Olympiad Camp in the Department of Chemistry at the University of British Columbia


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