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Past Results



1. Participation to the International Chemistry Olympiads (IChO) is determined by score on the Part A of CCC (40%) and CCO (60%) examinations.

2. CCC money prizes are determined by Part A and Part B of the CCC examination.

The British Columbia Chemistry Olympiad had its first competition in 2019. For the pilot year of the competition, grade 12 high school students were exceptionally allowed to participate. In future years (2020 and after) the competition will be offered only to high school student in grade 11 or lower.

Forty-nine students from eight high schools participated to the BCCO contest in 2019. The participants were either self-selected highly motivated students or coming from high schools regularly participating in the Canadian Chemistry Contest and Olympiad (CCC and CCO).   

BCCO 2019
BCCO 2020
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